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When you are restoring a piece of historic motoring from the eighties you probably don't want to install a modern looking radio from 2020. It's hard for some of us to realise that the 19080's started over 40 years ago, so installing a radio that represents that nostalgic era would normally mean installing something original and let's be honest about it, its going to sound crap! Well not any more... Blaupunkt have released a retro looking radio, with all the modern necessities and great sound too. BLAUPUNKT BREMEN SQR 46 DAB

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Back to the future:

The newly relaunched cult car radio „Bremen SQR 46“ with many new features!


Over the years, some models have become true cult objects. Like the legendary Blaupunkt „Bremen SQR 46“ from the year 1986. Now we present the reinterpretation of the popular 1-DIN car radio and unite the USPs of the 80s model with new technologies and functions. The result is the Blaupunkt „Bremen SQR 46 DAB“.


Its operating concept, the simple design and the crystal clear reception contributed significantly to the popularity of the original Bremen car radio. So we have taken over the styling of the original model in the new edition, but at the same time added a modern Variocolour illumination for the buttons and the display. Thanks to Blaupunkt Codem FM RDS tuner and DAB + digital tuner, the first-class reception remains one of the strengths of the new Youngtimer Car radio. New are the numerous serial interfaces, including two USB ports, an aux port and an SDHC slot - even audio streaming via Bluetooth is not a future piece for the returning legend. The radio carries the „Made for iPhone / iPod“ and ensures appropriate compatibility. All settings are permanently saved even when disconnected from the battery. An active DAB + screen antenna is also included.


The new „Bremen SQR 46 DAB“ has a short installation depth - ideal for classic cars with shortened installation slots. But not only the car radio itself takes the user on a journey through time, the packaging of the device has been elaborately designed and modeled on the original.



  • High-End CODEM IV High-End World-Tuner
  • FM (RDS), AM Tuner
  • DAB+ Tuner built-in

Data carrier

  • USB, SD, SDHC (up to 32 GB)

Media player

  • Audio from USB/SDHC
  • Audio formats MP3, WMA


  • Bluetooth module built-in (HFP, PBAP, A2DP, SPP, AVRCP)
  • Twin-Connect
  • Phonebook access
  • Built-in + external microphone
  • Navigation audio mix


  • 1 x front USB
  • 1 x rear USB
  • 1 x front Aux-in
  • Steering wheel control input (programmable)


  • 3-band, semi-parametric equalizer
  • Sound presets (Rock, Pop, Classic)
  • X-Bass
  • 4-channel preamp-out (4V)
  • Separate Sub-Out
  • 4 x 50 Watt max. power


  • Vario Color (for display & button illumination)
  • Fix front panel
  • Permanent memory
  • Short mounting depth
  • IR remote control included in delivery
  • DAB+ onglas antenna included in delivery
  • External BT-microphone included in delivery

DAB Features

DAB / DAB+: yes / yes
Band III / L-Band: yes / no
Service Scan: yes
Preset stations: 15 (DAB 1, 2, 3)
Ensemble / Programs: yes
Comfort Browsing: yes
Programms scan: yes
Service-Link DAB-DAB: yes
Service-Link DAB-FM: yes
Service-Link DAB-DAB-FM: yes
Traffic announcement: yes (via FM RDS TA)
Radiotext: no
PTY Programms: yes
Frequency response (Hz) +/- 3 dB: 20 - 20.000

Analog Radio

Type of tuner: High-End Automotive Tuner Blaupunkt CODEM
World tuner (switchable): EU, Americas, Thailand
Wave bands: FM 1, 2, MW
Radio Data System (RDS): Alternative Frequency (AF), Clock time (CT), Enchanced other networks (EON), Program service name (PS), Program types (PTY), Regional programs (REG), Traffic announcement (TA), Traffic program (TP)
Travelstore: yes (FMT)
Band scan / Preset scan: yes / yes
Station memory: 25
Sensitivity: lo / dx
Interference suppression: yes
Hi-Cut: yes
Frequency response (hz) -3 dB: 30 - 15.000


Supported version: Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
Supported profiles: HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP
Pairing (number of devices): 5
Pairing Code: 1234
Hands-free calling: via micro + radio speaker
Hands-free volume: variable
Microphone: built-in + external microphone
Key functions: accept / hang-up / reject call / redail
Phonebook access: yes (up to 1.000 entries by phone)
Twin connect: yes (2 simultaneously connected phones for telephony)
Navigation audio mix: yes (Navigation commands via A2DP)
Auto wake-up: yes (Radio switched off / ignition on)

Data Carrier

USB: 2 x USB 2.0
Memory cards: SDHC (up to 32 GB), SD, MMC
Formatting USB/SD: FAT 32, FAT 16

Media Player

Playback format: MP3, WMA
Title display: ID3-tag (version 2), file, folder
Folder- / file browsing: yes (w/o track interruption)
Multiple folder level from MSD: yes
iPod, iPhone control: yes (via USB)
Fast list browsing: yes (via second encoder)
Display modes: yes (file, folder, song, artist, album, clock, elapsed time, total time, all mode)
Display of characters: File name up to 50, tags up to 30
Variable display scrolling: yes
Mix / Repeat / Scan: yes / yes / yes
Fast media reading: yes (from USB, SDHC, SD)
Number of supported files: > 30.000 from MSD
Bitrate (kBit/s): 32 - 320
Variable bitrate: yes


Number of bands / model: 3 / parametric
Bass / treble: yes / yes (+/- 7 steps)
Balance / fader: yes / yes (+/- 9 steps)
X-Bass: yes
Sound presets: Rock, Pop, Classic


Number of channel: 4
Max. power: 4 x 50 Watt
Sinus power at 14.4 V: 4 x 24 Watt (DIN 45324)


Type / Digits: 1-line / 9
Angle: Wide-view
Color: Variocolor (RGB)
Brightness: adjustable
Clock display: 24 / 12 hrs


Antenna (number of): 2 (FM ISO + DAB SMB)
USB (number of / type): 2 (front + rear / standard A-Typ)
iPod/iPhone: yes (via front + rear USB)
Memory cards: yes
Aux-In (number of type): 1 front (3,5 mm jack)
Telephone-mute: yes
Steering wheel control: yes (analog programmable)


Loudspeaker (number of): 4
Pre-amplifier (channel): 4 (cinch)
Pre-amplifier (voltage): 4 Volt
Variable amplifier delay time: ja
Sub-Out: X (Cinch, var. gain/frequency)


Software Update: yes, via USB
Variable scan-time: yes
Confirmation-beep: yes (on/off)
Front panel: Fix-panel
Panel / decor-ring color: black / black
Key illumination: Variocolour (RGB)
Permanent preset storage: yes (settings & presets
Weight (kg): ca. 0,85
Dimension (mm): 58 x 178 x 110 (H x W x D)
Voltage supply: 10.5 - 14.4 V
Current cosumption: In operation: < 10A, 10 sec. after switch off: < 3.5 mA
DAB-onglas antenna: yes (included in delivery)
IR remote control: yes (included in delivery)
External BT microphone: yes (included in delivery)